Send Emails to your intended recipients, every time. 

• With our Patented IP, recipient name and photo are embedded within the “Send” button, which displays your intended recipient.

• Our Personalized Send Button prevents costly and embarrassing experiences.

• No more “Oh No” moments. That’s Recipient Metacognition.





Recipient Metacognition

Awareness of your intended recipient. You will see the name and photo of your recipient within the send button. Send emails with confidence.

Multiple recipients

Our patented IP lists the name and photo of all the recipients. You will know exactly who your recipients are. No accidental email to wrong person.

Accidental "Reply All"

We’ve all been there, accidental “Reply all” is a huge problem. As soon as you click on “Reply All”, our patented IP lists all the recipients names, photos and number of recipients on the send button.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind by providing you with high quality services. We pledge to maintain your privacy,



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