About Us

    Our mission is to bring confidence to digital communication. 

    Our Values


    Your communications are between you and your intended recipient(s). No one else.


    Because you should never have to send another "sorry, wrong person" message ever again.

    Customer Centric

    Our users are the lifebood of our business. Your voice, input, feedback, and suggestions guide our daily decision-making.


    We make life easy for you. All it takes is one click to download Cognisend.

    Our Story

    Why Cognisend?

    Have you ever experienced that “Oh s***!” moment? Whether it was an important document emailed to the wrong person or a text sent to the wrong friend, the consequences of sending a message to the wrong person can be tragic.  

    That’s why we created Cognisend. 

    Meet our Founder

    Amir Kerawala

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